Kaiser’s recent acquisition of the Warrick rolling mill, a leading producer of aluminum can sheet for the North American beverage and food packaging industry, provided re-entry into a growing end market driven by sustainability trends and the increasing popularity of infinitely recyclable aluminum as the packaging material of choice. The facility’s focus on high margin coated products provides additional value to Kaiser’s portfolio, further differentiating the company within its served markets.

Product Offerings

Coated Food Stock

Coated End & Tab Stock

Body Stock

Bottle Stock

why Kaiser?

  • Leading producer and supplier of coated products for the North American food and beverage packaging industry
  • First rolling mill in the North American food and beverage packaging industry to attain ASI Performance Standard certification for responsible sourcing and stewardship of aluminum
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Research center for innovation and technical/metallurgical expertise available to develop products to customer specifications
  • Dedicated team of product metallurgists and customer service technical representatives
  • Focused production facilities in North America
  • Strong focus on continued investment in capacity to support growing customer demand

warrick plant

Located in Southwestern Indiana, Kaiser Aluminum Warrick is North America’s largest producer of aluminum can sheet for the food and beverage industry. A talented team of 1,200 employees operate this integrated location consisting of a state-of-the-art casting facility, hot and cold rolling mills, and three coating lines. A fourth coating line is planned to begin operation in 2024, increasing the plant’s production to respond to customer demand and predicted market growth. Throughout its 60-year history, Warrick has been on the cutting edge of every advancement in aluminum food and beverage packaging and is committed to providing that same dedication to excellence to Kaiser Aluminum customers today.

where's Kaiser?

In your grocery store’s:

  • Beverage aisle
    • Canned soft drinks
    • Canned energy drinks
  • Beer and hard seltzer aisle
  • Pet food aisle
  • Canned meats aisle
  • Canned fish aisle
  • Canned snack aisle
Grocery Aisle